Here's why I created ONEROLL

I finally decided to set up my personal street-photography journal

I already have a paper based journal at home, but I intend to use this (here) as my personal notebook, where I will write down about my experiences and discoveries. I got inspired by something I read this week (a great article on, explaining how writing is an important process for learning. For the author, It implies :

  1. Defining a question
  2. Gaining perspective
  3. Doing research
  4. Asking people's opinipon
  5. Applying what you learned
  6. testing, breaking and reiterating
  7. Forming your own conclusion
  8. writing what you found
  9. Responding to comment and debating responses

It makes perfect sense. In simple words, you have to be interested by something, do some research, learn, understand, discuss, etc. Writing is a tool, a way to drive the intellectual process.

I'm not intirely sure about the last point though (point 9 in the list), since I don't know how much people are going to read my notes. Hey who knows were this is going to take us. We'll see.


Writing is also a great way to learn How to Write. And that's a good thing because, lately I have that need for writing about this photography madness of mine.